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Super FUE transplantation method

The newest method of hair transplantation in the world

SUPER FUE is the latest technology in the world whose knowledge and technology has been exclusively available in Royan Poost clinics for the first time in the Middle East.
Royan complex is proud to exclusively host this hair transplantation method in Iran and the Middle East.
The main advantages of using Super FUE transplantation method are as follows:
  1. Using the intelligent SUPER FUE device that can scan and detect suitable thick and multi-rooted hair for transplantation and it performs a great deal of hair harvest without any damage to the roots of hair, which results in 3-4 times more transplanted hair density compared with the traditional methods.
  2. Using individual's stem cells to keep the harvested tissues by super FUE
  3. Without the need of surgical incision, bleeding, stitch, stitching line and scar
  4. Due to the use of laser therapy, recovery procedure in this method is much shorter than traditional methods.
  5. faster growth of transplanted hair compared with previous methods. In this method, transplanted hair reach the maximum transplantation density after 6-9 months, while in past methods 12-14 months was needed to reach the desired density.
  6. Create the most natural hair growth line by smart and computerized SUPER FUE design
  7. the possibility of face design before operation
  8. Simultaneous use of SUPER FUE Smart Laser to eliminate inflammation of the hair transplantation area, faster reparation of harvested area and faster growth of transplanted hair, which reduces recovery procedure time.
  9. the possibility of hair harvesting without leaving the scar and stitching line
  10. The entire SUPER FUE process is only performed in ultra-advanced and licensed Royan clinics with direct supervision of prominent university professors.
  11. this method is the only approved method by Iran insurance and American Humana insurance and the written insurance guarantee of Iran and US insurance is given to all who used this transplantation method. If the person does not have the proper result from the operation, these insurance policies would do the refund
Super FUE transplantation method
Super FUE transplantation method

Using the ultra-advanced skin and hair scan device for robotic diagnosis and design

hair transplantation procedure in SuperFUE method:
Super FUE operation method: after reception and performing basic tests, patient will be referred to clinic one day before the surgery for scanning whole head and analyzing skin and hair. At this stage, by scanning the scalp and analyzing the whole harvesting areas through the Super FUE super-high-end devices, we get the following information.
  1. Computer design of hair growth line according to the genotype and American hair transplantation standards.
  2. Measure the planting zone size and determine the number of follicles needed to maximize the hair transplantation density in desired area.
  3. hair transplantation pattern drawing by specifying the number of grafts required
  4. harvested hair area scanning and computerized analyzing, which obtains valuable information as follows
  • Total number of harvestable hair follicles
  • Determine the number of grafts with multiple roots and appropriate thickness for hair transplantation
  • Identify the moisture, fat and skin elasticity and the best hair removal area
  • Determine the hair roots depth for the intelligent grafts harvesting without damage to hair roots
  • Determine the white and black hair percentages in hair removal area to pick up maximum black hair
  • Determine hypodermic blood supply to prevent skin necrosis
  • Full skin examination to reject any skin and fungal disease and ...
For the final analyzation and determination of the hair transplantation method and the issuance of HUMANA insurance policy and Iran insurance steps, information will be uploaded to the Super FUE site after completing all of the super professional steps by super advanced Super FUE.
On the operation day, after applying to one of the clinics which is in the contract with Royan Moo and after passing the admission and filing steps, the initial preparation has to be done and patient has to be visited by the dermatologists to begin the procedure, patients will be refered to the room respective to the Super FUE. Firstly, by entering the applicant's password into the Super FUE site, a general mapping plan will be mapped step-by-step.
After designing the growth line in accordance with the standard, the acceptance of the applicant and separation of individual’s stem cells which is done by taking a few cc of patient’s blood, the hair transplantation begins.
The taken blood is placed inside a Super FUE device and separated stem cells will be ready after half an hour. This is to maintenance of patient’s tissue. After finishing the design of the planting area and the growth line and transplantation area preparation, it began to recognize the scanned follicles that have the maximum capacity in terms of thickness and multiplicity of roots with a Super FUE device which is equipped with an intelligent sensor. It is worth noting that at this stage, due to the device intelligence and the computerized analysis, the maximum harvesting power of multi-root grafts (4 to 5 times more) is achieved. due to the intelligence of the harvest blade, the Super FUE device does not cause any damage to the hair roots. And because of the unique method of harvesting, removed tissue will repair with the least damage in the shortest time without leaving scar. Considering the smartly choosing the best stem grafts and determination of the hair transplantation and the accurate estimation of the tissue, operation result yields the best of it after a period of 6 to 9 months, at least 4 months earlier, with a density of 4-5 times more than the previous methods. This is why Iran's insurance and Hymana insurance from the United States guaranteed the unconditional assurance of the Super FUE method. In this method, due to not using the surgical technique and the special method of harvesting hair from patient's back, there is no need for postoperative rest, and has the shortest recovery time compared to all previous methods.
For more information and free advice about services, fees, and etc. please call 22885890-021, 41936-021.


کاشت مو به روش super fue کاشت مو به روش super fue
کاشت مو به روش super fue کاشت مو به روش super fue
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