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gel injection

What is a gel injection?

Voluming gels are substances that have hyaluronic acid, one of the natural ingredients found in human skin in, in their combination and has the slightest incompatibility with body tissues. These gels are used for wrinkle reduction and voluming cheeks, lips, holes and fillers for various skin dents. The good stiffness and good adhesion to subcutaneous tissue and uniformity in absorption are the benefits of it. The injection site causes tissue to extent.

Different types of gels:

Gels have different types, and each one has a different application depending on its type. In general, gels can be divided into three categories:
  • Absorbable gel
These types of gels are from the body's own molecules and can be absorbed onto the skin.
  • Late absorbing gels
Radiesse and Captique gels are late absorbing gels. These types of gels stimulate histogenesis and will function within 1 to 5 years. The problem of these types of gels (late absorbing gels) is that they cause bullets under the skin.
  • Non-absorbable gel:
These types of gels are non-absorbable in the skin and are not absorbed by the skin at all. Article and Aquamid gels are from these gels. To use these gels, they should be injected into the skin.
Of course, these types of gels are not injected into the skin itself, and this is one of the disadvantages of these gels. Instead, non-absorbable gels will effect more, over time (about 3 to 5 years). These gels also have the ability to bullet under the skin, which is considered to be a disadvantage; After a while, you can touch them under the skin.

What are the advantages of gel injection?

To help eliminate wrinkles, you can use some methods. One of them is gel injection and the other is fat injection. In general, fat injection is far better than gel injection, because fat is present in many parts of the body too and is not a chemical, which causes less complications. But the advantage of gel injection in comparison with fat is that gel does not have much swelling and pain. Also, because the gels are ready, you do not need to go into the operating room and can be injected outpatient.

Tips for lip gel Injection:

1- Do not drink hot liquids for up to 1 week
2- Do not use lipstick for at least 24 hours after injection
3- Do not use hot compress
4- Do not smoke cigarettes and hookah at least 24 hours after injection
5- Avoid kissing at least 24 hours after injection
6- Use Cefalexin capsule according to the doctor's order
7- Do not massage for up to 2 weeks by non-physician
8- Grease with Tetracycline or Mupirocin ointment twice a day up to 1 week after injection.


1- Lack of symmetry is natural in gel injection to 2 weeks, due to bruise and swelling at the injection site which create fake volume.
2- bruising and slight pain is normal up to 1 week after the injection.
3- Contact the physician immediately in the case of severe pain and pale coloration after injection.
4- Due to the anesthetic injection, it may be felt, until several hours after the injection, that the lips or chin has been tilted, which does not cause any concern.
5- Due to the anesthetic substance injection and the swelling created by it a fake volume is created, which completely disappears after 3 to 7 days, and the created volume is 30% to 50% less than it was in the first day.
6- If you have a history of herpes simplex, you should take Aciclovir as prescribed by your doctor.
Lip formation with Hyaluronic acid gel injection with anesthetizing and completely painless
Micro cannula: A device with a round head and a thin vent that flows through a small inlet, usually created with a larger needle in the skin, into the underlying skin and easily slipped under the skin and thereby filler or gel It is injected painless and without bleeding.
Vibrator: The Newest pain relief device in the world, which misled the pain nerves by vibration and reduces the pain of anesthetic injection by up to 90%.

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