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(Arm lifting surgery (Brachioplasty

Arm lifting surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is one of the best aesthetics surgeries for eliminating distention created underneath of the arm. During this procedure, excess fat and extra skin are removed in the underneath, and then the surgical cut will be closed. Distention created in this area is usually due to the aging or weight loss. Remember that this is not suitable for you if you are not very obese or consistent.

This surgery, like other surgeries, has some risks, including:

– The scars of this surgery will not disappear over time and may remain permanently on your arm.

– If your doctor is not professional in his job, your left and right arm may not be symmetrical.

– During this procedure, the nerves of your arm may be slightly damaged, resulting in a slight numbness after the operation.

– There may be problems with stitches on the arm’s muscles, resulting in the need for re-surgery.

In addition to these factors, like all other surgeries, there are risks such as infection, bleeding and allergy to anesthetics.

Before having this operation:

You will also have a consultation session with your surgeon, in which your medical history will be reviewed, your physical health will be examined and doctor will consult with you on the desired outcome of this surgery. It may be necessary to discontinue some medications before taking surgery, and you should also quit smoking as smoking will make the process of repairing difficult.

This surgery will usually be carried out in a hospital environment with a general anesthetic, but sometimes it can also be performed with a local anesthetic. During surgery, the doctor creates a cut in the lower arm from the armpit to the elbow and extracts extra fats and tissues by liposuction, and then the muscles of the arm will be tightened by stitches. Ultimately the extra skin will be cut and the surgical gap is closed and stitched.


After surgery:

Your hand will be bandaged and a tube will be placed in the arm to remove the sprinkles, which will usually be removed the day after the surgery by referring to the physician. In a few days after the operation, you may have some pain that can be tolerated by using pain medications. Try to rest as much as possible after the operation and avoid intense physical activities. The results of this procedure are usually long-lasting, but remember that when you get older or lose weight, distention under the arm is normal and inevitable.

Occurrence such as aging or slimming may cause distention in the lower arm. Of course, these can be partially eliminated by exercising and strengthening the muscles, but sometimes to eliminate them, you need to perform a beauty surgery called brachioplasty. In this surgery, extra skin and tissues under the arm are removed and your arm will look more beautiful.

Before you decide to do this operation, remember the following points and think about them well:

-The scar of this operation will be drawn from the armpit to your elbow bone.

-This scar will disappear with time, but a little trace may remain on your hands forever.

-This operation is sort of beauty surgery and generally will not be covered by health insurance, so consider the cost of doing it.

-The smokers will have many problems after the surgery, because the repair process in their bodies is slower, if you decide to do so, first quit smoking.

Since this is a special operation, remember that doing it should only be done by an expert who has high experience in doing this, otherwise the result will not be as your desire. Before having operation, it will be important for you and the surgeon to know following items.

-Your physical health will be determined by performing tests.

– A medication history including the medications you have taken, the previous surgical procedures you have had and your drug allergies.

-It is important that you know about all the risks of this operation and decide whether if you want to have this type of surgery or not.

This surgery is performed under a general anesthetic and it will take about 3 hours to complete, the procedure will usually be as follows:

-The doctor will create a cut in the lower arm area from the armpit to the elbow.

-Extra fat in this area will be removed using liposuction.

-The muscles of the arm are tightened using stitches to make your muscles smooth and beautiful after the operation.

-Extra skin will be cut off.

-The created gap will be stitched and closed.

After the surgery, there may be problems like swelling and bruising, a little numbness and pain that is completely normal and will disappear over time. Remember that all surgeries have risks; this type of surgery also has the following dangers:

After performing the procedure, follow your doctor’s advices, rest as far as possible and avoid physical activity. Durability of this operation’s effect will be much if you follow your doctor’s recommendations, but if you lose a lot of weight you may have distention under your arm.

Finally, it’s recommended to review the following points before operation:

-This is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and eliminate distention under the arm.

-The scar of this surgery may stay forever on your arm.

-The durability of this operation is long, but it will be created again by aging and weight loss.

– Check the risks and dangers of this operation.

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