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Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard and mustache transplantation by natural hair is a treatment method which has been used for men who are suffering from low hair density on their face including bread and mustache.
Face’s hairs loss could be congenital or as a result of surgical injuries, burns or other type of accidents. For some men, having a beard or mustache is a sign of being powerful.
Beard condition is very important among many young men. Hence, having healthy and smooth face's hairs can create a good look for men in the eyes of women. And so the men's beard and mustache status is important for their self-esteem and how they look like to others. However, sometimes men do not have a beard or mustache with their desired density.


Beard And Mustache Transplantation For Men
beard and mustache transplantation and specifically the restoration of beard and mustache hair has increased among men around the world in recent years. In particular, in the United Kingdom, 4,500 men have used hair transplantation therapy to increase the density of their face's hairs. If you have low face hair, there may be specific wounds on the hair growth area on your face. Planting a natural beard in this injured area can be the only permanent way to heighten the density of your beard and mustache and treat your problem.
Mustache and beard transplantation is a special treatment method, the results of it is highly dependent on the experience and skill of the surgeon who is doing the treatment. There are face hair transplantation specialists in this clinic that have enough knowledge and experience to do this for all patients with different apparent and racial conditions.
In the Royan Moo Salamat clinics, the natural hair growth pattern is examined to make the results look as natural as possible, and after that, a pattern of his beard and mustache transplantation is provided, so the results will be as similar as possible.


Beard Transplantation
Beard Transplantation
Reason of problem
facial hair growth and related problems can be caused by genetic problems or injuries. In a recent study, over 45% of men were dissatisfied with the condition of their beard and mustache hair growth. In many cultures, facial hair is a sign of prestige and masculinity.
Thus, today many men seek to correct the condition of their facial hair. Possibility of full growth and a sufficient concentration of beard and mustache hair as desired or the condition of facial hair growth can alter the appearance of the person and indicate the person's personality.


Treatment methods
beard and mustache hair restoration can be done on all people with specific problems in this area. This treatment is done by planting the hair roots harvested from the back of the ear (the upper area of the neck with thin hair) or the upper ears areas.
FUT method is a new therapeutic technology in which hair follicles are taken from the donor area and then a microscope is used to create hundreds of very small, healthy with natural appearance grafts in interested areas. In FUT procedures, the wounds in the donor area are minimal and thus, hair growth from wound tissue is possible and it can be guaranteed that donor areas will not be faced with the problem of hair loss.
For example, planting beard just on the chin needs planting 1500 hair follicle, while restoring a full beard requires 4,000 hair follicles to plant.
To start treatment, the surgeon specifies the donor areas of the hair on the sides or behind the back. These areas are used to harvest hair follicles in order to plant in beard, mustache and around face. In this case, thinner hairs are usually used for hair transplantation, and hairs around the head is usually used to harvest hair follicles. If the patient is bald or totally hairless, hair follicles of other part of body may be used for transplantation, such as the chest area as a donor area.
One of the most important benefits of beard and mustache planting is that it increases men's attractiveness. Every person tends to have a beautiful and attractive look. Planting a good beard creates a regular, clean beard line and improves the beauty of the face with charming and masculine look. Doing so has several other advantages. For example, if there is any burns or other spots on your face, you can hide it carefully and elegantly under the beard.
Treatment Results
The results of beard and mustache hair transplantation are permanent using the FUT method, and it looks completely natural. The difference is completely noticeable for the patient immediately after the treatment. However, observing the full results of treatment takes several months. Note that hair follicles planted in different areas begin to grow and will continue to grow.


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