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Attendance of artists and athletes in Royan complex super FUE No surgical cut and scar Iran and Hyumana written insurance guarantee Up to 5 times more planting density Exclusive hair transplantation method For the first time in Iran Read more Digital Smile Design Ceramic laminate Wiener Composite All-ceramic coating implant Dentistry Advanced technology G.H.R.S

Extra hair without any pain

Scan and computer analysis, fix 100%

Royan Health Hair Detailed cost calculation Download the application Hair transplantation for you Mobile application Fat Injection No pain and anesthesia

With Body Jet device

Guarantee of durability

No bleeding and embolism The new generation of 2017 lipomatics Performed by a surgeon (Quick and easy treatment) Lipomatic With Ilizarov technique Using the most advanced global methods By orthopedic surgeon Height increasing from 5 to 10 centimeters Height increasing surgery
تضمین رویش مو

Guaranteed hair growth

We are proud to announce that for the first time, Iran insurance, due to the approved high quality of hair transplantation done by Royan Moo Salamat, proceed the provision of written guarantee of hair growth and standard hair density pledged by Royan Moo Salamat.
شرایط پرداخت اقساطی

Installment payment terms

Royan Hair Health, for the provision of hair transplantation services for all social strata has been promising long-term interest-free facilities and long-term installment interest-free hair transplantation for dear countrymen.
حداکثر کیفیت خدمات

The maximum quality of services

Hair transplantation in the most equipped hair transplantation center with the latest world method of the day, along with installment facilities and Iran insurance hair growth guarantee along with proper service tariffs in our country, has enabled us to succeed in the term of the provision of maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Royan Specialized Clinics

Hair and beauty Royan Clinic

Specialized dermatology and hair care clinics with a number of large and well-equipped centers in our beloved Iran, and providing international services in neighboring countries (Oman, Iraq, Himalayas, Kurdistan, etc.), utilizing the world science of the day and the most advanced medical equipment approved by the US FDA and Europe CE, with the experienced staff and 24-hour free consultation is at your service.

Hair Transplantation and beauty services by Royan Clinic

Royan Clinic Dentistry Services

Application for calculating hair transplant cost

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